Our wine list is a collection of carefully selected wines that we offer to you, our guests, to enhance your
dining pleasure. We are offering what we feel are high quality as well as great valued wines by the glass
or bottle. To assist you with the selection process, the list is arranged sweetest and the lighter bodied
to the driest and fuller bodied. Sparlking wine and champagne adds an air of festivity to any occasion.
White Zinfandel would be a great choice for those with a sweeter taste in wine. White wines take on many
characteristics, depending on their variety, but generally enhance poultry,seafood and white sauce dishes.
Red wines on the other hand, known for a fuller, robust body and their richness of flavor, will compliment
such wonderful dishes as steak, Italian dishes with red sauce, and many other dishes that are richly
seasoned, and flavorful. Why not turn your meal into an occasion with a selection from the wine list?